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55 gal teflon lined barrels and 35 gal plastic

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  • 55 gal teflon lined barrels and 35 gal plastic

    I can get both 55gal steel teflon lined barrels and 35 gal plastic ones cheap enough.

    If I buy the larger plating supplies would these barrels work for plating?
    I can cut them down for height, the large diameter is a good size.

    I'll be building a parts cleaner from a 55 gal with removeable lid. Whats the best parts cleaner to use to remove engine oils and grease before buffing and plating. I'll be doing steel, cast iron, and alumnium.
    Also I don't see much mentioned about cast iron plating. I suppose cast iron plates same as any other steel.

    I like the new website. I have found more Items I did not know you had.
    Like the gal crystals and the much larger kits for tank plating.

    So now I am planning to set up an old unused trailer house for my plating shop. Not any good for living in, but everything works for a plating and powder coating setup.


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    Sure, those tanks are fine.

    Use SP Cleaner as a degreaser. We sell it in bulk on the commercial products page.

    Yes, iron plates like steel.
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    Caswell Inc
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