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  • 2 Stupid Questions

    1. I ordered a copy cad and blackening kit awhile back. I seem to remember that I created an account for the tech support site at the time I placed the order but, have no idea what it was. Is there a way to either retireve that info from Caswell or create a new support account?

    2. Of all the kits described in the manual the copy cad and blackening kits sound like they are amoung the least likely to need much of a ventalation system. Is this correct? I've run out of flat space in the garage and, if possible, would like to set this up in the kitchen.


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    Did you have any problem reports created that you wanted to access?

    If so, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll get some more info from you.

    If not, you can access PRS with the account you're using now, without having to do anything else.

    Copy Cad and Black Oxide have very minimal fumes. You could easily get away with a small desk fan, just to keep the air moving.
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      No problems yet, I just thought if it support site was setup as a forum I could learn form others experiance.

      Thanks for clarifying the fumes question. Doing this in doors will save me alot of time.