Caswell has great support!

Thanks for taking the time to help me with my problem yesterday with the nickel plating. As it turned out I wasn't having as much trouble as I thought I was.

As is normally the case, the problem was user error (ME) I geuss.

I was brush plating.
After we were off the phone and I was trying to plate agian it went better.
I hadn't been rising the pewter parts between copper plating and nickel plating. What I was getting looked more like a burnt copper than nickel plate. Some was very black while others were copperish black.

I had tried buffing a few of them, but it looked to me as if I was removing the copper and getting down to the base pewter. Close to the same color as nickel.

When I dropped a few blackend parts into a cup of water most of the black flaked right off leaving a pretty nice nickel plate! I then gold plated over that and it worked fine.

About 8 parts 1/2" x 1.5" x 1/8" dropped into a cup of well water produced a fine black powder dust in the bottom of the cup. Putting a lid on it and shaking the parts turned the water a dark gray like a paint primer. Parts came out fairly shiney nickle, and gold plated well.

I geuss what it boiled down too was I could not tell the difference bewteen burnt copper and black nickel! After running acrossed a fine soft wire wheel in a rotary tool I could not tell the difference between nickle and polished pewter!

I did have some problems though, not all the parts were well plated, probably because I hadn't been rinsing. I'll try again today.
I did get some very nice gold eagles now, and once I get some polish and shine them up I'll send a picture. They will look great on my Black computer case!

I'll be getting a couple gallons of distilled water to keep around for rinsing now!

Thanks agian