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Base for 24k gold plating pewter

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  • Base for 24k gold plating pewter

    Hello again.

    In looking for more info and items to buy I found

    "Caswell 24ct Gold will plate directly onto tin, copper, brass, bronze, nickel, silver and most lead free solders. Some alloys must be copper or nickel plated first. Steel must be nickel plated first."

    Does this mean then I am waisting my time doing the nickle plating over a copper plate over lead free pewter? Lead free solder? Would that be about the same as lead free pewter, can I plate directy to the pewter with the gold and skip the copper and nickle completly then?

    For some items I will be using a silver pewter alloy.

    My pewter items come out of the casting molds about the way I want them, a light buff is all they really need. So, what is my best method to gold plate them that will last and shine?

    These are jewlery, computer parts, and custom made auto emblems.


    For the time being perhaps I should rename myself as Goldy?

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    You should use Pickle #4 on all pewter or lead items before plating.

    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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