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copper peeling from plastic

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  • copper peeling from plastic

    Hello ,
    Seems that the conductive paint goes on the plastic smooth and the copper plates great to it but the problem comes when the part is buffed before nickle . While buffing the copper raises up from the plastic , this is not a heat issue as I buff it slowly and feel it very often to make sure they is no heat ( its has even done it from hand sanding ) once that the copper has raised up you can peel it off from the plastic and some parts under the plating is still the color of the plastic ( like im peeling the paint off with the copper ) The plastic is roughed up before painting and all goes well until buffing . Sometimes it sticks well but raises while in the chrome tank and then same story ,peel it off and you looking at the plastic hardley no paint ...... thanks in advance

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    This is a surface prep problem.

    Please post a problem report in our PRS system.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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