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Flash Copper on Cast Iron

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  • Flash Copper on Cast Iron

    Having flaking problems on some corners and edges of a cast iron piece. I removed the rust with a good pickle #2 soak, wash, then plated with flash copper. Seemed to work fine, though after drying some discoloration in spots. I scrubbed with a scotch brite pad before doing patina, then discovered the small flaking areas. Is this most likely areas not cleaned enough? These are outside corners and edges--not crevices. Should I pickle again, then plate? Old plate can stay as long as flaked edges and corners are covered so they don't discolor in the patina.

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    Re: Flash Copper on Cast Iron


    It seems as if the spots that were flaking were due to poor surface preparation.

    I have never tried to plate Cast Iron before, but I know that Flash Copper will stick to just about anything.

    Best bet would be to bead blast the entire piece first due to the porosity of Cast Iron. That would ensure that the surface is free from all of the invisible oxides.

    A soak in hot SP Degreaser, a quick dip in Pickle #4 for activation, rinse and Flash Copper Plate for approximately 30 minutes.

    You can then buff the copper or leave the rough surface for antiquing or oxidizing.

    If the piece sits out for more than an hour or so before the next step, it will need a dip in the Pickle one more time to re-activate the Copper and remove the Oxides before proceeding to the next plating step.

    Best of luck and keep us posted
    Curtis Ashcroft
    M and C's Plating & Powder Services