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  • elecroless nickel kit

    i was wandering what kind of metal prep is needed for a old nickel plated pistol all the nickel was sanded but i dont know if all needs to be removed or can i just start plating it when my kit comes in and what can i use to clean it prior to plating it so there are no oils or fingerprints on it and what do i do to keep the cylinder and barrel bore inside from being plated

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    If you want to nickel plate over existing nickel plate, you need to activate it. Read the section on preparing your solutions in the manual for a nickel activator pickle.

    Use the SP Cleaner to degrease it.

    Plug the holes with putty to prevent the inside from being plated. Although, in conventional plating, if you position your anodes and part correctly, it's unlikely that the inside will be plated very much at all.

    You might want to view our Tutorial on Anode Placement.
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      elecroless nickel kit

      ok thanks i was also wandering if i sand blast this pistol can i just degrease it with lacquer thinner or somthing of that sort and start plating it with the nickel also what kind of putty are you referring to when you say plug the holes with putty ?