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Lamp Reflector plating

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  • mcaswell
    The silvachrome will probably not stand the heat from the bulbs

    I think you'd be better off using Silvaspray paint and then plating with Copy Chrome

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  • Marcos
    started a topic Lamp Reflector plating

    Lamp Reflector plating

    I want to change some of the reflectors in the signal lamps of my car from a metallic flake spray paint, to a chrome-look. Which product should I use?

    The housings are all plastic. I figured I can either use the conductive spray-paint as a base, and plate it with chrome, or I can use the silvachrome system. The thing is, with the silvachrome, if I don't use the topcoat, the silver will surely tarnish, and if I use the topcoat, will the heat from the bulbs damage it?

    What do manufacturers use when producing chromed reflectors? Silver, or Chrome plating? This is, on modern cars, where everything is plastic.