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Zinc Plating Stainless?

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  • Zinc Plating Stainless?

    I looking to Zinc Plate some Stainless Bolts and Nuts. I would like to get the original Yellow Dichromate Finish, with the long term durability of Stainless. Has anybody tried this? I have about 80 Nuts and Bolts, and it does pay to take the original items to a plating service. Given there odd size and Yellow Dichromate Finish, new ones are too pricey. I though SS and plating would be a good combination, original look with long term durability of SS.

    Your input would be helpful.

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    You'll need a nickel plating kit, with some Stainless Steel Activator crystals and a zinc plating kit with yellow chromate crystals.

    You plate with Stainless Steel Activator first, then zinc plate, then dip in the Yellow Chromate.

    Should work very well.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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