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plug and plate ??

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  • plug and plate ??

    I sanded the paint off of a bolt head then polished it to a chrome like finnish.
    I then used the copy chrome kit, as per the instructions. My quesions is, how do I know if it acualy plated it or not?.
    It was so shinny and chrome like before I plated it.
    Thanks for any advice!!

    Glen Higgs

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    Re: plug and plate ??

    What\'s the bolt made of? A unscientific check would be to leave the bolt outside for a few days to see if it rusts. If it does, it\'s not plated with Copy Chrome.

    If you\'re just testing the kit - try it on a piece of copper or brass...where you\'ll be able to see the results more easily.
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      Re: plug and plate ??

      The bolt was steel.
      It is one of the many small parts from off of a motor cycle ,that I want to plate.

      I now just have to figure out how long I
      have to keep plate brushing any given area,to make the plating surface thick enough to be durable.I have several pieces of steel sheet metal that are 3\"x6\" in size.
      That I want to plate, using the brush method.

      The bolt head I have tried using the brush on method and dipping method.



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        Re: plug and plate ??

        Try about 3 mins per sq\".
        Mike Caswell
        Caswell Inc
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