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Nickel plating gun parts

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  • Nickel plating gun parts

    I have a customer who wants some of his handgun clips nickel plated.
    They are blue right now. I can get the bluing off the exterior no problem, but my concern is the inside of the clip. Will there be any chemical reaction problem if I dont remove it from the inside? Im using acid nickel. He doesn't care if the insides are plated.

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    gun parts

    i would dip the clip in muratic acid prior to plating then rince in distilled water prior to plating the muratic acid will remove all the blueing


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      Thanks! Worked like a charm! The parts plated great!


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        I'm doing the same thing. How long of a dip in the Muratic Acid? Also, what type of container can i put this acid in? Will it eat a normal gal. bucket from Home Depot.? Also what do I hang my parts from? I'm thinking this acid might eat through copper wire.

        Please help


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          When the blued part hits the acid, the blue disappears almost isntantly if the part is properly degreased. I use a regular white plastic bucket ala Home depot. Unless you let the copper wire sit in the acid, it will be fine. Last magazine I did I left in less than a minute before it was "deblued."