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Plating Stainedglass wraped in Lead

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  • Plating Stainedglass wraped in Lead

    Hi, I am looking to Nickle plate my Stainedglass work that is wrapped in a lead came and was wondering if either the Electroless Nickle kit or Nickle plating kits can do the job, if so which would be better to use.Also if both kits can do the job which would be the most cost effective over a long period of time as this would be a continous job and not just a one off.

    Thanks in advance for any info and Help

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    Either would work only after treating with Pickle #4 and plating with Flash Copper.

    The regular plating kit would be most economical. All you have to replace is the anodes at $22 for about 20-30 sq feet of plating.

    We do have a special kit for plating lead came ->
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