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[b]Epsco 3 AMP Rectifier and Copy Chrome[/b]

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  • mcaswell
    Amps = Watts/Volts

    An ammeter would certainly help show you what the machine is putting out.

    If you need further help, please post a problem report in PRS.

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  • gwjohnso
    started a topic [b]Epsco 3 AMP Rectifier and Copy Chrome[/b]

    [b]Epsco 3 AMP Rectifier and Copy Chrome[/b]

    I purchased the 3 amp rectifier with the copy chrome kit. The documentation is very limited on this configuration. I am trying to determine the voltage setting on the rectifier for the calculated amperage needed for plating aluminum with copy chrome. The rectifier only has five settings for voltage. Do I need an ampmeter and rheostat with this rectifier? I understand that the lower the voltage the more current with a given power requirement (watts). How do I figure the power variable in the equation without light bulbs, etc...?