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Silver polish on 24k gold plate??

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  • Silver polish on 24k gold plate??

    I just came across a large supply of silver polish CHEAP!

    Tarni Shield silver polish,
    Anti tarnish protection from the makers of Scotchgard protecters.
    A 3m product.

    Says special anti tarnish protecter, not a laquer.

    It is recommended for about anything silver! Is there any known reason not to use this on 24k gold plate?

    I had some very brown 24k gold plated test pieces, shined them up with this silver polish. The pieces now sparkle and shine like gold

    Been a few days or more, and they still look great. Using a dab of polish on a cotton ball with very light rubbing was all it took.
    So far it hasn't caused the gold to turn green or peel or anything, so do ya think it is safe to use on good stuff?

    I wouldn't be so cheap, but I got a nearly life time supply nearly free, and since I have it....
    Also I don't have any gold polish!

    If this will work good with no side effects I'd rather buy more gold solution than a bottle of Flitz. I'm almost out of gold


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    Since we don't know what the product is, we are unable to say if it will have any negative effects. Use your best judgement and trials.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      re: Silver polish on 24K Gold.....

      Tarni-Shield Silver Polish is AWESOME! I got turned on to it about a year ago for the very purpous of protecting 24K gold plating, and I love it! If you read on the bottle, it says it also provides a protctive coating of some kind.

      All I know for sure is it really works great, and I wouldn't use anything else!



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        Thanks for the reply

        I thought it should work ok, just wasn't sure.

        I polished a couple items with it when I first posted the question and so far they are doing fine, although they are indoor items not subjected to weathering like auto emblems would be.

        Also has not really been that long, kinda short term results so far for me.

        Got busy with other things had to put plating on a back burner with the pewter casting for awhile. Though I am about to get back into it