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Copy chrome as a strike plate

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  • Copy chrome as a strike plate

    Could you use copy chrome as a nickel strike before using copper plate then copy chrome again. I have been using the copy chrome kit and have had some success but some imperfections like fine scratches once coated really stand out. I want to fill with copper since it is softer and easier to work with but I need a nickel strike first before using copper.

    Could I also use your flash copper kit to build up with before copy chroming.

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    Yes you can. What's your base metal? Flash Copper plates over most metals without the need for a strike.
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    Caswell Inc
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      My base metal is steel. The flash copper sounds like the best setup as long as it can be built up in thickness. I actually posted the picture of my 2nd attempt which came out awesome. It is already posted on your site it's the Ignitor cover for the MKIV Supra.

      Thanks John[/url]