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  • Odd shape question

    I'm about to order a nickle/copper plating kit, but have a question about the volume I need. Almost everything I want to plate is small, excepting a curved tube about 60" long (exhaust pipe for a small motorbike).

    Can I plate this pipe in a larger vinyl hose which conforms to the shape reasonably well? This would sure save on the volume of solution I would need. Another possibility would be a curved trough of some sort if the plating solution needs to be open at the surface. The hose arrangement could be open at either end, or at the ends and the middle if I use a tee fitting (if the electrodes need to be more centrally located).

    I'd very much like to know if this is a possiblity.

    Mike Stevenson
    [email protected]

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    Either of these solutions will work fine. There's a section in the manual about a tank a customer of ours built for long thin items. It's called the Woronko Plating Chamber. Have a look for it when you get the kit.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      Thanks for your help.

      I'll get my order together and place it.