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Copy CAD Plating springs and hydrogen embrittlement

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  • Copy CAD Plating springs and hydrogen embrittlement

    Is it possible to use the Copy Cad plating on springs? I have had parts comercially Zinc and Yellow Dichromated before but they would never do springs because they said they would break. If you can do them with the Copy Cad, how would you do a tension spring? I was thinking you would have to stretch it out so the coils aren't in contact and then plate it.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Any twisting of bending of the metal that goes beyond the stress levels of the plate will crack the plated surface. You can certainly plate the spring, but as soon as it flexes, the plate will break.
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      This is something I had not thought of!

      I'll be having some springs I need to coat soon. Carb springs, Hinges, etc..
      I hadn't thought of the plating cracking durring use and of course they will be stretched alot at times. Normal use.

      What would be a good coating that will hold up then? Mine is a show car that will also be a daily driver when done, so the springs will get lots of use.