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Why no Tech Support on open Forums??

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  • Why no Tech Support on open Forums??


    I have bought a number of items from you as most people here have. This is a Forum to help each other right? Alot of us are "first timers" at plating, polishing, anodizing etc. and need the help of others. This is not the sort of thing you can just ask your buddy about. Why is it that when someone has a problem the first thing you do is tell them to contact tech support AWAY from the Forums that are here to help. Anything you could tell them would be of much use to us all I would think as we all come across problems now and then. A post or so back Slug was having problems with color on his parts and you said "if you have our stuff contact tech support". I have had this happen to me and I would like to know myself. If Slug has to post away from the Forums to get help how will that help others. I love your supplies and have great sucess with them so I don't want to sound like a jerk, but if the Forums aren't here for help then why are they here?


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    We don't offer tech support on the public forums for a few reasons:

    1. Because they're public and we don't want to give free help to people using competitor's products. We're a business and we make money by selling our knowledge of these processes. We offer free tech support to anyone who buys something from us, but in a closed forum (PRS) where people who haven't bought from us can't read it.

    2. Our PRS system is set up to ask the right questions right from the start so we can get all the information we need to help. It properly tracks problems in a database system. As opposed to this forum where someone may post "I can't get it to work" and then we have to ask them 10 or more questions, which may or may not be relevant.

    We WILL be vastly improving our PRS system in the upcoming months so that other PAID customers may access our growing database of problems and solutions.
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