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Question about voltage and Copy Cad

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  • mcaswell
    Please post a problem report in our PRS system.

    Your adapter will plate items up to 40-50 square inches at 0.75 - 4 volts. See

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  • Matt Harwood
    started a topic Question about voltage and Copy Cad

    Question about voltage and Copy Cad

    I'm experimenting with my Copy Cad kit (1 gallon). The power supply that comes with the kit has several voltage settings (1.5 V through 12 V). Which should I be using and why?

    I also have a battery charger that can supply 2, 6 or 10 Amps at 6 or 12 volts. I was hoping to use this to plate some larger items.

    Also, when I was experimenting last night with the kit, I dropped in a piece of black pipe to "purify" the solution as the instructions say (I glass beaded the pipe and degreased it with acetone first). I attached the power supply, and the anode started to bubble as it should. Out of curiosity, I switched the power supply from 1.5 to 3 volts, and the power supply started to smoke slightly. I figured that perhaps the part was too large and did some calculations. I found that I had about 28 square inches (inside and outside of the pipe), which is about twice what the power supply can handle, so I hooked up my battery charger at 2 amps, but there was no bubbling with that setup. Should I have added some light bulbs or something in the circuit, even though 2 amps should have been about right for that part? Help!

    Sorry for all the questions, but can anyone explain some of the voltage requirements? Thanks in advance.