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  • mcaswell
    So that I understand clearly what you're doing:

    You plated onto zincated aluminum, stripped the plating off down to the aluminum and now want to re-plate it?

    If you've stripped to the aluminum, you have to re-zincate. You should always zincate immediately prior to plating aluminum. If you immerse a zincated part in the pickle, the zincate will be removed.

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  • gwjohnso
    started a topic Copy Chrome Pickle#3

    Copy Chrome Pickle#3

    If I am plating onto zincated aluminum a second time, how long do I need to allow pickle #3 on the work before rinsing and re-plating, and do I have to re-zincate the aluminum that is exposed after the first plate? What order would I do this if I have to pickle and re-zincate?