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Plug and plate ?

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  • mcaswell
    They all use the same charge for brush plating.

    You can get more solutions from

    Note: You need stainless wands for nickel, copy chrome, gold, silver. Copper wands for copper plating and brass wands for brass plating.

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  • dirttracker
    started a topic Plug and plate ?

    Plug and plate ?

    I'm sorry if this has been already asked but I don't have time to set and go through the forum ?'s I have the copy chrome kit and have used it to plate some bolts that i couldn't get in Stainless.Do all the plug 'n' plate kits use the same current charge as in the same adapter or are there different settings I was wondering if I could just buy the different solutions etc. I'm hooked now the bolts came out beautiful I filed the markings off the heads and polished them before plating.Thanks