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flash copper on pot metal

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  • flash copper on pot metal

    After polishing a pot metal part, I plated using flash copper by brush plating. This was to be a strike coat for copy chrome. After plating flash copper, are you supposed to buff to a shine, or directly proceed to copy chrome? I attempted to buff the "smutty" surface, using white on a loose cotton wheel, down to a smooth copper shine, only to watch the smut AND the copper disappear. Any suggestions?

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    Sounds like you didn't put a thick enough layer of copper on the part, but without all the relevant information, we can't diagnose the problem correctly. Please use our PRS system in the Tech Support section so that we may properly assist you.
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    Caswell Inc
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      Re: flash copper on pot metal

      1 hr in a flash copper tank at proper temp and amps only deposits 0.001 thickness there is no way you can achieve that amount by brush plating with out a lot of time and patients
      Jim Eaton