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Questions about iron oxide and other coatings

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  • Questions about iron oxide and other coatings

    How does the iron oxide compare to hot salt blueing in terms of cosmetics,wear and corrosion resistance? Can a high gloss be obtained like in hot salts blueing?

    I've read through all the posts in here and have seen where you said hard chrome is for building up the chrome for industrial applications. Certain firearms platers advertise hard chrome, is this just a sales pitch? How does your chrome kits compare to electroplated chrome in terms of wear resistance?

    Do you have any idea how the PTFE (teflon) is added to the electroless nickel bath to obtain NP3 and what other additives are used?

    Thank you for any information you are able to provide.

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    We don't have any experience with iron oxide coatings. Perhaps someone else here can help, or check

    Many places advertise "hard chrome" but they mean decorative chrome. Hard chrome is a dull grey finish and not very attractive.

    EN solution makeup are a closely guarded secret.
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      sorry for the misprint, I meant black oxide instead of iron oxide.