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new @ this,& have a few questions

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  • new @ this,& have a few questions

    i have been wanting to buy a kit for a long time, im wanting to start out with the 4gal triple crome kit,& a small gold kit. and im going to stock up on buffing & polishing supplys. i want to do a lot of plating on my show car.
    most of the items i want to plate will fit in the tank or i can make odd shaped tanks, but how can one plate large items like inner fender wells, can they be brush plated ?
    also alot of the parts i want to plate are panted or powder coated. is there some thing i can dip the parts in to strip them to bare metal?
    thank you for helping

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    The biggest challenge when chrome plating is the amount of power required. You need 1-1.5 amps per square inch surface area of your part to chrome plate it. This makes larger parts, such as fenders, very difficult for amateur platers.

    You can't brush plate chrome.

    Stripping paint/powder coat = paint stripper
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      i have a few large battery chargers,one of them is a 225 amp,and a 125 amp charger.will these make a good power supply.
      after i get the hang of it and some plating under my belt, how would i go about plating somthing that big?


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        I would suggest start small and work your way up

        If your planning to do some large items I would suggest getting caswells manual and reading up on plating.

        If your planning to do things like fender wells? I read the throwing charactors of chrome is not that good. You will get heavy buildup on the high areas and the corners but little in deep recesses. You'll need many anodes or a shaped conforming anode to get even deposits. Or was that cathode? Duh, now I forgot the terms.

        Also if your tank plating you pretty much need enough solution to cover the whole part, or at least half, then flip it over and plate the other half which would probably give you a parting line.
        That's alot of solution, copper, nickle, then chrome for doing fenders

        You also need to controll the power. It's not just a matter of having enough, you don't want too much either.

        If your planning to do lots of plating, the manual is a good idea.
        I got the online version myself.

        Too large a strangely shaped item like fenderwells might be better if powder coated Black and highlighted with 24K gold.
        That's what I plan to do with my entire engine compartment if I can. Otherwise it will be painted jet black instead. I'll be saving the chrome and such for other parts. We all want different things of course, that's just how I plan to do mine.
        If I can get the time to work on it again!



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          i want to get the manual and read up while i order. ive been unable to view it online,seems to be a few dead links.or it could be my computer.
          i will save the large items for later,paint will be a easy way to make it look good for now.
          i appreshate your help in awnsering my questions. i am sure i will have a few more as i go. im pllanning to order the 4 gal triple chrome kit and a gold kit,and im looking at polidhing supplies


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            Please e-mail [email protected] and we'll make sure you can get on the online manual.
            Mike Caswell
            Caswell Inc
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