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    What is the typical shelf life of the plug n plate kits?

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    It's unlimited. Sometimes the solution may crystallize slightly. Simply heat it up slightly and stir the crystals back in. Heating is best done in the plastic container, in a microwave. Don't heat it in a metal container.
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      A bit different question, sort of the same.

      I forgot to put away some of my solutions. When using the plug n plate kits I pour some solution into an old yogurt cup. Often I just put the lid on the cup if I will be plating later the same day or next day agian.

      Well, I got busy and forgot I did that last time. I have some gold, probably copper and nickle too that pretty much dried out. Yogart cups are good for use, but don't seal well for storage

      Would it hurt to poor in some solution and heat to disolve those crystals back into useable form? I was gonna give it try later when I get time.
      Didn't know if the crystals might be oxidized and damage the new solution or not. Or if redisolving would eliminate any oxidizing that may have occured?

      The gold is what I would be most concerned about.