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  • Kudos to Caswell

    After having some weird problems with my Copy Cad setup, I contacted the customer support service here at Caswell. I have to say their responses were first rate, quick and effective. Even when I posted at 8 PM, there was an answer before I went to bed. After some diagnosing, they solved my problem and I am a very satisfied customer.

    So if there's anyone out there considering a purchase, do it with confidence. This is one company that stands behind their stuff, and they do it well.

    Kudos, Caswell. You've earned my business for a long, long time.
    Matt Harwood
    Harwood Performance Engineering
    Cleveland, OH
    Matt's 1941 Buick Century Restoration

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    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      Yes I agree too.

      I have been recomending caswell to many people. Also besides the fact that service and support is great, you can trust them not to try and sell you the wrong stuff!

      I searched around many places and much higher prices before dealing with Caswell. Most of the other places will tell you things to sell you kits you probably can't use and for high prices too!

      Caswell has told me things won't work for what I wanted to do, even though it meant I might not buy the stuff and they could lose a sale.
      The other guys say yea sure you can do that, send us money!

      I have seen Caswell tell people on the forum they might not be able to use a product for their intended purpose also.
      You can trust Caswell to give an honest answer! Not just try and make a sale!

      I geuss it's cause of many of my long winded posts
      I have had e-mails from quit a few people asking me things about the various products and uses. A couple people even mention they e-mailed me because I don't sell the products and figured I'd give em straight answers since I have nothing to gain on a sale. I geuss they've been elsewhere before!

      I don't mind the e-mails and PM's but I tell em always, that I trust Caswells answers to be honest ones!