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  • which kit?

    iam starting a small "hobby" business,iam looking into chroming but i dont know which kit to buy.I cant afford the 16 gallon kit right yet.i will be doing motorcycle parts and car parts.I guess the parts will be up to what ever will fit in the bucket.i want a finish that will be durable.
    iam already electroplating aluminum so ive been talking to people that want chrome and alot of it,seeing there is no one else in this area that does my question is what parts will i need to reorder to keep my small bizz going?with the kit that you recomend for me will i be able to do bigger parts by getting more amps and bigger tanks?how good are these kits(as far as durablity)compared to the cycinad soultions?PLEASE HELP!hope there is not a limit on questions!
    thanks in advance

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    is this considered techinal support?

    is this considered techinal support?is there some where else i can post to this to get these answered?


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      If you use the pick a kit helper and just study the various sales pages on the caswell site you can learn quite alot! That's where I learned much about plating, just studing the sales pages before I ever started!

      I'm not using the larger kits, but from what I see, it looks like your only items to keep re-buying would be your anodes. As you plate you use the material in the solution so you have to add more. Rather it's copper, nickle or chrome or gold.
      You should be able to find most this info on the sales pages. Maybe over time you will need to replace the solution or add distilled water.

      You have to calculate the power you need for plating by the size of the part for tank plating. It will vary part by part acording to the plating area.

      I would think that you could start with a smaller kit, then just get larger tanks and more solutions as you need them. Or build a custom type tank for specail parts.