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chrome or nickel?

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  • chrome or nickel?

    If I drop a nickel plated part into the chrome tank, when I remove it how will I be able to tell if its worked or not? The nickel looks like chrome when I finish polishing it. So it looks the same when I take it out of the chrome tank.
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    Nickel has a slight yellow tint to it, chrome has a slightly blue tint. They do look very similar, but you should be able to tell the difference, especially if you put a nickel part against a chrome part.

    Also, the bubbling that occurs during chrome plating is a signal that the plate is being applied.

    If you absolutely have to be sure, try stripping the chrome off again. If you use a reverse brush plating system, you will see a yellow stain on the wand where the chrome is removed. No yellow stain, no chrome.
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      chrome or nickel

      I can't tell if it's chrome or nickel my self. but if you look at the customer gallery you can see the Yellow on nickel plates. don't know why it shows up like that in pic's. must be the lighting i guess.


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        If you hold the part that has been plated up next to a white shirt or piece of paper, the reflection will be white in the part if it has been properly chrome plated. If it is a different color other than white, it is still only nickel plated.