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  • Help! Not doing something right...

    I've just set up my copper plating tank this weekend. It seems to be working, but not working right.

    I have a tank with 8 gallons of distilled water, and 96 oz of battery acid. added 2 bottles of copper brightener, and 2 bags of the crystals. (i think i might need to add more). I have attached a 12 gauge wire to my wax piece, sprayed Caswell's conductive paint onto the wax piece, and the copper wire, submerged the piece, and wrapped the wire around the bus bar. I have a 25 amp rectifier, and i turned it on. I left it for about an hour and a half, checking on it frequently. When i take the piece out, the copper wire is plated, but the wax piece is not. and the plated "stuff" on the copper wire is soft and dark. not hard and bright.

    what have i done wrong?

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