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Which Power Supply Do I Use?

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  • Which Power Supply Do I Use?

    Use this tool on our web site to help you decide which power supply to use: Electroplating Current Requirement Calculator - Caswell Inc.
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    Re: Which Power Supply Do I Use?

    Don't purchase a PSU just above your requirements unless you plan not to upgrade the system. Also, PSUs age, losing power over time. Purchase a PSU that will take you through your next few upgrades, over a multiple-year period.
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      Re: Which Power Supply Do I Use?

      Last week Caswell informed the 3 amp power supplies were back ordered. I got great response from them and they found me a returned unit. I unpacked the unit tonight there was no documentation so I plugged it in and figured I put a meter to it. When I power up the voltage reads .5 and when I turn the knob to the right it goes to zero. When i turn the current knob to the right nothing happens. If I play around with the knobs occasionally the unit will make a couple clicking sounds and the voltage will jump up to 8.5. If i turn the current knob down to the left the unit will click and the voltage drops down to .5 again. No matter what I do the current always reads zero. They had mentioned the unit was returned and the guy just didn't have the fuse in properly. I checked the fuse in the back of the unit and it seems fine. Any ideas?