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    I am looking at purchasing electroplating supplies to plate fishing lures. I have several questions. I would like to buy the Black Krome, Copper, Nickel, Silver, and Gold Plug N' Plate kits to plate lead and brass or Nickel plated lure bodies. Is it better to plate the brass or nickel plated bodies? Do Nickel plated bodies need to be etched before plating? Do I need to polish the lure bodies after plating? Is there an easy clear coat or laquer for added durability? I noticed the VHT products but they didn't seem to fit my needs. Is it better in my case to purchase a single Plug N' Plate power supply and the various components or should I buy all of the respective kits? Thanks

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    In order to plate onto lead, you need to use Pickle #4.

    It's generally easier to plate onto existing brass than existing nickel.

    If you want to plate nickel onto nickel, you need to etch first.

    Polish the lures before plating. They may need a quick buff after plating to bring up the shine.

    Why doesn't VHT fit your needs? They have an excellent clearcoat product.

    You should get the workshop kit plus a bottle of Black Krome.
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