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plating a golf club

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  • plating a golf club

    Im looking to plate a golf club and i want to first put a copper underlay under it and then i want to put a SATIN finish over it either nickel or chrome what would i need to do this and what all options do i have to do this just to a few clubs

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    Flash Copper to plate the part. Give the copper plate a satin finish with a brightex wheel, then nickel plate, then chrome if desired.
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      satin finish nickel first then chrome.


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        Which kits would you recommend for each step? (golf clubs)

        In the previous reply, everyone seems to agree ... to re-plate a golf club:

        1. Flash Copper
        2. Nickel
        3. Chrome

        I'm really new to this, so can someone tell me EXACTLY which kits they'd recommend? I've spent some time cruising the website, but I'm still a little confused. For example:

        - For the nickel step, would it be best to use a standard nickel kit, an electroless nickel kit, or a wand (Plug N Plate)?

        - Do you end up with a bucket of toxic waste? Any legal way to dispose of it? Cost?

        - Same questions for the chrome step. (Copper, too, for that matter.)

        - Would plating with CopyChrome (instead of nickel, then chrome) result in a finish that's just as durable, and appealing?

        Sorry for all the questions, but I'm new, confused, and don't want to poison anyone, myself included!



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          I can see two uses for the copper; to help level out defects, and to add extra weight to a clubhead if you need it. The iron factory sometimes does this when refinishing, but I don't think the original manufacturers do it. At least the irons I've got don't show evidence of copper on the areas of original finish I've filed away.

          I'm a newbee at this too, and am planning on stripping off the old chrome with anodyse/chrome stripper, (these are carbon steel irons), filing-polishing etc.., blasting the face area, copychroming them, buffing that if it looks like it'd help, then maybe blasting the face again with fine beads if it does'nt look flat enough. If anyone has a better idea I'd like to hear it.