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Electroless Plating on Chainmail Pieces

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  • Electroless Plating on Chainmail Pieces

    I am into Chainmail Fashion Jewelry Making. I use stainless steel rings. I want to add more luster to stainless steel. I tried Electro-Decorative Chrome plating. But, the electrical distribution was not even among the interlocking rings which results to an uneven plating.

    I read about your electroless nickel and electroless chrome. Can we combine it to achieve the effect of electro-decorative chrome?

    Do you have vibratory tumbler abrasive compounds? for surface preparation? nickel buffing? chrome final buffing?

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    This isn't going to work on stainless steel, unless you plate with stainless steel activator first (which is not electroless).

    All of our vibratory tumbler media is listed at
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      Interesting coincidence, I just happen to make maille jewelry myself. Through polishing you should be able to get your stainless to a mirror finish. Different suppliers also offer different grades of finish on their wire I usually purchase my wire and rings from and I have had no problems with the very shiny finish.

      There are also many other metals to consider using such as inconel, bright aluminum and sterling silver, which are all naturally much shiner and brighter looking than any type of steel.

      If you must have plated rings then I can make several suggestions,

      1. Use chrome, many people have nickel allergies.
      2. Plate the rings first then weave them.
      3. Advise your customers that the plating WILL eventually flake off.