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Strike copper or bright copper after zincate?

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  • Strike copper or bright copper after zincate?

    If I have an aluminum cast bracket that I'm wanting to chrome plate, obviously I have to zincate it first. Afterwards, I assume I can go directly to bright nickel. Is this correct? If, however, I want to build copper on it because the casting is rough and I'm too lazy to grind and buff it down to a smooth finish, after zincating it, do I strike copper it or can I go directly to the bright copper, which is what I want to use for building copper? I thought I had read where zincate won't take a bright copper but will a strike copper. In the triple chrome kits you sell, I noticed it includes both bright copper and a strike copper concentrate. Is this correct? The separate strike copper kit, however, is $300+ which I realize includes the tank, heater, etc. Is this the same strike copper as whats in your triple chrome plate kits? I'm interested in the 4 gallon kit. Thanks for the help!

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    You will be far ahead if you work your base casting to the point you want it to look like prior to the copper plate.
    Its a lot more work to work the copper plate after its on then just to finish out the initial casting.
    I cant say about the flash copper strike. I go into my nickel bath after zincate and then into copper to build up.


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      it is much easier to prep the metal before hand than to copper, sand, buff, degrease, copper, sand, buff, degrease, over and over. if you prep the metal once in the begining i makes everything much easier for me atleast.