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Copycan not working as expected

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  • Copycan not working as expected

    I've set up my plating tank, but I am not able to plate efficiently.

    I bought the 2 gallon kit.

    I added the Copy Cad Zinc concentrate to hot distilled water, added the remaining 2 gallons of distilled water, stirred, dissolved, and let cool

    Water is 85-90 degrees (using distilled water) and the aquarium heater.

    I cut the annonde in 1/2 and place one on each side of bucket after cutting a thin strip to stick out of the water to connected together with gator clips, to the + lead on power back

    I flattend a 1/2" copper tube to make a bar across the top of the bucket. I drilled some holes in it and bead blasted it for a clean fresh surface.

    I purchased some 18 gauge pure copper wire to make some hangers for the parts I am experimenting with (large bolts, washers, and small brackets). I scuffed the surface with some sand paper to get a good contact with the negative lead.

    I added 2 teaspoons of brightener.

    First I purified the tank with a zinc strip hanging from the bar connected to the negative lead.

    Next, I hung a few parts from copper wire... nothing.

    I tried creating a robber in case there was not enough surface area... nothing.

    I am using agitation with an an aquarium pump.

    My thoughts. I don't think there is sufficient enough contact from the copper hang bar and the copper hangers to the part.

    What does work...?

    I CAN plate, one part at a time. I wrap the copper hanger around the part and using needlenose pliers until the connection is very tight.

    Then I hang it from the bar, but I have to connect the negative lead from the power pack directly to the hanger an inch or so above the water level.

    Then I start praying for bubbles. Sometimes I get a good connection and I get plating, other times I do not. Sometimes I have to fiddle with the negative lead until I get bubbles.

    There has to be a better way of hanging parts and getting good contact.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Please post a problem report in our support section.
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      I got it working!

      I think the copper I was using as hangers hat some protective coating on it.

      I used some 1/2" wide copper ribbon and screwed on a copper alligator clip. This worked much better.

      Plating is going smoothly now.



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        when i find some copper wire, wether its from a ballast or the store, it almost always has a protective coating on it. i simply take the length i am going to use and give it a good swipe with the torch and burn off the coating.