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Confused, Copy Chrome is ?

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  • Confused, Copy Chrome is ?

    I see a Cobalt plating kit but Copy Chrome is also being called Cobalt in the firearms post below. What exactly is Copy Chrome? Is the only difference from the Cobalt plating kit and Copy Chrome is that the Cobalt plating kit is electroless?

    I'm not asking for specific proprietary information, just want to know what I am using when I use the Copy Chrome.

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    Re: Confused, Copy Chrome is ?

    Hey Brintiff,

    There are several mixes of cobalt and nickel plating.

    First there is good old nickel which has a slightly "yellow" tint too it and will tarnish over time.

    Secondly there is Copy chrome (Nickel Cobalt) which is nickel with added cobalt salts to give the finish more of a "blue/white" chrome like look and when everything goes right, once self pasivated, is more resistant to tarnishing but still requires the occasional buff to keep it's colour. It is actually a closer match to polished 316 stainless than the true "white" of chrome.

    Thirdly there is straight cobalt which pretty much only plates cobalt. I have no experience with this yet.

    Finally there is true chrome.

    Hope this helps..... Cheers.... Mark