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Copy Chrome Turning Yellow????????????

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  • Copy Chrome Turning Yellow????????????

    I have been Copy Chroming with the wheel plating kit for over 2 years. Comes out of the tank good looks like real chrome, only needs minor buffing. But items turn yellow after about a month. I have tried different polishes currently use Glare Professional polish. Still turns yellow after a month or two. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!! MY CUSTOMERS ARE NOT HAPPY. AND NEITHER AM I !!!!!! Thanks, Todd

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    Re: Copy Chrome Turning Yellow

    Probably has to do with nickel being in the copy chrome alloy. Might be as simple as using zoop seal after your final buff. Best bet at this point would be to send a message to support. Just be sure to share what you find out.

    James Bateman


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      I have the same problem. Copy chrome looks good but it has a yellow tinge to it. I polish it and it turns to a blue tinge and after a week it goes yellow again. Would real chrome be better because of the nickel content.


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        I got the copy chrome kit, same issue. I've tried lowering my voltage from 3 to 1.5 and that seems to maybe help a bit. 60 min soak. Still would like it closer to chrome for all the work I put into the prep.