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Complete newbie - Micromark's (tiny!) Copy Chrome kit & Photo etched parts.

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    Re: Complete newbie - Micromark's (tiny!) Copy Chrome kit & Photo etched parts.

    Originally posted by XK120DHC View Post
    The plating process just "looked fast", it really wasn't.. Your "coverage" of 0.00075 is smaller than the thickness of a hair.. You want a full 0.001" per surface for good corrosion protection. That will probably take a while with the power brick... like maybe a hour.. you will have to experiment, and see.
    Hmmph! In fairness, these parts will ultimately be used on model railroad locos and the like - Corrosion protection isn't "important".....Having said that, noodling around here turned up the following:

    Originally posted by lcaswell View Post
    2. Since you're DIP plating, you need 70 milliamps of current (not voltage) per square inch of part surface area being plated. Your power supply included in the kit won't adjust the amperage properly. If your power supply is outputting 300ma at 4.5V, and your part is one square inch, you'll be applying over 4 times too much power to it. Either use a different power supply, or add more parts in the tank to absorb the extra amperage.
    [Lifted from this thread: ]

    And, you can pretty much guarantee that all plating stopped once the current was broken.. You have to reactivate the surface (acid dip-- about 3% for 30 seconds) to get it to start plating, again..
    OK - Thanks. Muriatic acid @ 3%?

    With regards to "user name", Yes, I have a 1953 XK120 DropHead Coupe.. I bought the Jag when I was a poor twenty year old college student... in May 1967..
    Right now, and probably for the rest of the year, I'm recovering from Neck Surgery (fused C-6 & C-7) and I will have two Lumbar vertebrae fused later this summer..

    PS The Jag is one of 1767 built.. Total Production!
    Firstly, good luck with the surgeries - 'Tis amazing what they can do nowadays!

    Anyway, you've had it for almost 50 years - Very cool! It's never caught fire? [I'm from the UK and "grew up" fixing the Prince of Darkness' electrical systems!....]

    Is the plan for a "full" restoration? Nice project and something that may even be worth some $ when done..... More than can be said for most restoration projects! Good luck,

    PS - I'm sure you've seen the Top Gear episode where they race a train, bike & an XK120 from London to Edinburgh? - Fun stuff, and the XK won!