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CopyChrome as good as it gets

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  • CopyChrome as good as it gets

    well guys I was able to get my hands on my Plug and Plate CopyChrome Plug and Plate kit and its really good, at this stage is as good as the real deal..

    I have a few things to point out, if you want a mirror finish you need to start with a mirror base, I can´t tell if I´m plating at all if I use it directly to bare metal(no copper)

    my dad has a 800 gallon plating shop where he lets me play around with small parts.. I don´t know what chemicals he uses(he buys from allied plating in florida) but he nickle plates(then later chrome plate) directly to metal(no copper) and the metal need not be a mirror at all(actually it starts as a dull finish) but when the parts leave the nickel tank they are shiny as mirror, and then chrome plated.

    I have a question to Mr. Caswell, do you have this kind of chemicals also? I hand polished the parts and polished them after copychrome plating. and showed both results to my dad(dull chopychrome and shiny copychrome) and he really liked the look of the shiny one(just as much as I did) but he works with very large parts and the thought of polishing them to a mirror like appearance its not a encouranging one...

    here are a few pics..

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