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  • copy chrome results?

    Are their any real world results that can be given about this copy chrome product? such as, what exactly is it that copy chrome does to metals? and is this truly a form of electroplating or is it more of a type of coating or paint? many of us are already familiar with the typical forms of metal plating but it seems that the information available about copy chrome is pretty vague and inconclusive, it would be nice to have an economical way to replate metal at home with true "like chrome" results but before spending hundreds of dollars it would be really nice to have more specifics and feedback about this process, any of this info would be appreciated.

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    Re: copy chrome results?

    I just got my 1.5 gal flash copper /copy chrome kit this weekend. It is in fact an electroplate. It uses a current but the amperage requires a lot less than real chrome. It take only one amp per 32 sq inches of part. The flash copper takes 1 amp per 16 sq inches of part. I just played a copper pipe with flash copper and then copy chrome and it turned out beautifull. I would say the shine is real good only if you buff first to a high shine on the part. The color seems to be just a tad darker and just a tad less white than the real chrome but you can only tell if there side by side. I hear it's pretty durable. Even more durable if you copper plate then nickel plate then copy chrome also at longer times to get the plate thicker. I'm having a little trouble with plating this same kit on aluminum though. I have change the amp ratio a little I think. But I'll get it I'm so new with any electroplating. Hope this helps you.