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Copy Chrome is Tarnishing

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  • Copy Chrome is Tarnishing

    Copy Chrome tarnishes immediately after touching water, i have tried different items and metal but no matter what i do, it turns brown after it gets wet. I have done a triple plate and direct to brass, i have tried waxing it, and it basically useless because after a few hours its brown. ANY suggestions?

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    Has it previously plated ok? or is this a new batch of chemicals?



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      It has never worked properly.. basically i wouls do the triple plate, and spray it with Distilled water, and within 5 minutes it would start to turn.. one of my test pieces, completely tarnished overnight in a rain storm.... just cant get it to stay shiny.. the Nickel has no issues, looks great.. have had a piece of nickel plated brass outside for almost a year, barely a tarnish.. CC just turns brown almost immediately.

      I tried different waxes but the tarnishing didnt slow..... not sure if i need to toss a Magnet in the tank to suck all the iron out (theory, not a good one) but i cant even use the tank....


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          Here is a picture of the Anode... Does this look right?


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            Are you using the Copy Chrome over nickel like you're supposed to? It's a shame nobody reads through these forums and answers basic questions. Hard to find any good info on plating.