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    I am new to the use of this forum (caswell).
    I see by looking down the list that some questions get answered and some don't.
    I bought my first kit in 2007.--so far never used it. just now getting around to it and including 2 more 3-5 gal kits to it. (nichol and copper).
    I have just ordered the small brush plating kit for copy chrome. I have the 3 gal kit.
    I tried doing a search on the subject of getting plateing to stick to steel. the discription in the plug and plate does not mention any type of copper.
    the manual of course says flash copper. of course when I try a search there is so many captcha and other issues that I never get any information.
    now I have manuals from ver 2 and ver 10 so I suppose cyanide with out any more information must be used. I am still trying to figure out they sell kits for hundreds of dollers and still keep people in the
    dark. caswell was geared toward hobby plating and must understand a hobbiest is not a professional and need answers. when you talk to them on the phone they are informative courteous and generally very nice people. before I purchase 2 more kits I need to get some answers . I was hoping I could find it on the forum and not tie them up on the phone. even terminology needs to be verified.
    for instance the use of the term (distilled water) I learned on the phone means (filtered water not true distilled). so when you get to the use of costly materials you can destroy about $500 real quick.
    My occupation is a quality assurance tech. with in the work place on every container there is a complete discripion of the ingredients and how they are to handled in case of miss handling and accidents.
    people working with any of them have to be trained to prevent any accidents. as a possible user and hobbiest I am just trying to find the answer to work with these materials and not throw money away.
    I guess the main question I have now is how many ways is it possible to get copy chrome to stick to steel? even the knowledge base does not begin to answer all of my questions.
    Now I am not slamming the company. they have some of the most advanced kits out there and I am not sure how to improve and educate the prospective buyers looking forward to enjoying this
    hobby/bussiness . now if any body can tell me how to go about getting answers without driving them nuts in the caswell front office I woud appreciate it.

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    Re: new to forum

    Firstly, you are welcome to call or email any time and ask questions. It doesn't "Drive us crazy". That's our job. E-Mail [email protected]

    Secondly, you can plate Copy Chrome directly onto steel. You can also plate Flash Copper (Alkaline Copper) onto steel.

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      Re: new to forum

      Thanks alot. it will make a difference on what I order Next.