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Mixing 3 gallon copy chrome kit

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  • Mixing 3 gallon copy chrome kit

    So I got the 3 gallon "Kit" from Caswell. It comes with a 3 gallon bucket, and two big bags of crystals, and 32 oz of brightener.
    if you pur 3 gallons of distilled water into the bucket, its very close to full. Then I add the two big bags of crystals, PLUS another quart of brightener? It will be right to the very top of the bucket. And then I am going to dangle parts in there too? Is this the right bucket? Does caswell really think this stuff through? On the bag of crystals it says to add 16 oz for every 1.5 gallons. And on the brightener bottle it say 32oz for every 6 gallons. Anybody know which it is? It seems like a 1.5 gallon kit should use a 2 gallon bucket. How does it make sense to send me a 3 gallon bucket to hold hold 3 gallons of water plus chemicals, plus 32 oz of brightener, plus work pieces? I'm curious if anybody here has every mixed the 3 gallon kit and if it overflowed.