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Do my errors with copy chrome look familiar?

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  • Do my errors with copy chrome look familiar?

    I think I must be doing everything incorrectly. I have the copy chrome kit (8 oz. size), have read the instructions that came with it, and have watched a number of the videos on YouTube. I am trying to follow them faithfully. I want to plate the external parts of an old industrial sewing machine; there are many. The parts have all been sandblasted, then touched only with gloved hands. I have tried painting with the bandaged wand, but I can't see any plating occurring using that method. I've also tried plating parts submerged in solution in a small container, and while plating does occur, there are areas that go dark (not black, far from it, just darker), and chips of the plating fall off, I believe from the dark areas. I don't have a bench buffer, but the small parts don't improve in appearance by using the Dremel buffing wheel.

    Can anyone please give me some ideas to try to make some improvements in my results? Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Do my errors with copy chrome look familiar?

    I think you are missing a few steps in preparation. You need to sand and and polish the part after sandblasting. Any imperfections in the surface will telegrah though the plating. Also make sure that the old chrome is completely gone since you can't plate over chrome. You also need to degrease before you can plate.