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Inconsistent results with copy chrome

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  • Inconsistent results with copy chrome

    I have used many Caswell kits with great results but I can't seem to get a good result with the copy chrome kit (after flash copper and nickel). What I see after plating is the parts are discolored brown and bluish shades. The brown-blue discoloration is easy to buff off but underneath is a much harder whitish haze in some areas (near edges) that is not easy to buff off. I can get it off after about 5-10 minutes of hard buffing with white rouge but should it be this difficult? I have tried many things to try to get a better result with no luck. Some of the things I've tried are: adding 8oz of brightener (I have the 1.5ga kit); filtering my solution through an old (clean) t-shirt and then dummy plating for 2 hrs on a large piece of nickel plated steel; cleaning and buffing the electrodes and removing the bandages and then plating out again for 2 hours; Adding more brightener after plating out. I am still getting more or less the same results. When I test plate 3x3 pieces of steel after copper and nickel I get some nice bright areas and some dull not bright areas. Sometimes the bright areas are at the edge and sometimes they are in the middle, I've run out of ideas and am starting to think that maybe that is just how this kit is supposed to be. I'd like to not have to buff so long afterwards if possible. Attached is a picture of the results. On the left is the large dummy plate (previously nickel plated) out after 2 hrs; next is the corrugated steel dummy after filtering and removing bandages (2hrs); a test piece after copper and nickel with bright area on the bottom; after adding more brightener the test piece on the right has shiny areas in the center. I also somethimes get "blast marks" where I think the output of the pump hits the surface. These "blast marks" are nearly impossible to buff out. About the only things I haven't tried are filtering the brightener out with charcoal and replacing and switching from copper wire to brass wire. Anybody have any insight or is this just how this kit is?
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      Jason, Give me a call at 315-946-1213 xt116 and we can go over some possibilities
      Jason Vanderbroek
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        Thanks for the response and I'll call as soon as I can. I think I might have realized that my problems could be coming from flash copper plating my (steel) parts before Nickel. I don't think it's necessary for steel and I seem to be getting better results without it. I think if I was to use flash copper, it should be buffed before nickel plating, then degreased and nickel -> copy chrome?