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Introducing our latest range of Welding and brazing rods, for the repair of Pot Metal, Aluminum, Stainless and much more.

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  • copy chrome larger items

    I am restoring a 1950 Studebaker and need to copy chrome a lot of pieces large and small. At the moment I would like to do several engine parts, starter and generator shell, oil filler tube, mounting brackets etc. This would be very time intensive with the wands that come in the kit. I have a power supply that has adjustments for both volts and amps up to 30 vdc and 3 amps. Are there any larger wands available for copy chrome or any way I can fabricate one. I have seen pictures of wands that look like one inch foam paint brushes. Can anyone tell me what they have for an anode or where I can purchase these? Also does Caswell sell anodes that can be used for emmersion plating without the wand? Thanks