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Dull grey finish

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  • Dull grey finish

    I'm new to plaing and have mixed everything per the directions (Zinc copy cad) and added brighter but my fasteners come out very dull and grey without a smooth finish. Once I lightly take them to the wire wheel, I get them to look great. Shouldn't they come out bright if I have prepped them properly without my use of the wire wheel afterwards? Thanks for your expertise.

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    Re: Dull grey finish

    Hello Mr. Hyndman, I am a general new person to the world of plating with the Copy Cad system but you will see in this video I get the chrome-like finish I desire:

    My first question would be what your stringing wire looks like? The the wire has the desired finish the problem is most likely the preparation.

    Experts in the forum (not I) will need to know the temperature, time and current of the plating.

    Some photos will help diagnose the problem.