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plating over Copy Chrome

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  • plating over Copy Chrome

    Let me start with saying thanks for all of the valuable info on this forum. It has helped me a great deal. My ?? is can I replate copy chrome over copy chrome or does it need to be stripped? I have some small parts that I buffed a bit to much from and need to replate. I get the dull grey coat as well and plan on trying the technique mentioned here.

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    Re: plating over Copy Chrome

    Really it is best just to start over .
    let me know if i can be any help
    Jim Eaton


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      Re: plating over Copy Chrome

      Jim is there a pickle I can use to remove just the Copy Chrome and not the copper beneath or just throw it in the blast cabinet and strip it off?


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        Re: plating over Copy Chrome

        If there are no defects in the plating that you are referring to then you can use the pickle #3 (one part of water, two parts battery acid allow to cool the add one more part of battery acid) immerse for 15-30 seconds, rinse then plate with the copy chrome.
        Craige Brooks
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