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  • jimcarry
    Re: Wheel Chroming

    After using this product for the last two years I have had many repeat customers .
    In my opinion Copy chrome is every bit as durable as triple chrome . I have put this product on many classic cars, motorcycles, ect in this area with great results . As far as rechrome no other plate will stick to chrome so it must be removed . When prepping a item to be plated the best finish you start with is the best finish you will end up with .
    Good Luck and welcome to the forum

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  • PTswan
    started a topic Wheel Chroming

    Wheel Chroming

    Hello every one I just found your forum and it has a lot of valuble information.
    I do wheel restoration and need some informaion on the copy chrome system
    how well does it work?
    can it be done on wheels and is the quality going to hold up?
    I mainly do painted wheels but have some customer looking to get repairs done on chrome wheels have a lot of interest in this .I have seen the spray on chrome systems the cost is pretty high.
    When you do a repair on a chrome wheel and you have to grind and sand the metal down what sort of prep work do you have to do to chrome before you can rechrome?