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replating a bike fork crown

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  • replating a bike fork crown

    Hi, I am restoring a 30 year old bicycle. It had a chrome fork crown, but most of the chrome had peeled off over the years, leaving (I assume) a nickle plating over steel. I have polished what's left of the old finish, and it looks ok, but I'm hoping I can replate the fork crown, and maybe some other small areas of the frame without too much trouble...
    I just ordered the chrome dip kit for $30.00, and am wondering if anyone has any hints, I haven't received the kit so I'm new to this idea. Thanks

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    Re: replating a bike fork crown

    Clean, clean, clean, and clean some more.

    Seriously, almost all of the problems in my first couple of projects were cause by poor preparation.

    Also, run a few scraps as test pieces before you do the real thing. Then ask specific question about what went wrong on the test pieces. It is much easier to help you fix an existing setup then to describe how to build you first setup.

    Looking for nickle plated test pieces? I doubt very much your Mrs. would mind too much if you were to replate a few forks Be sure to gift wrap the forks before returning them.